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As a DIRECTV dealer, Media Master can even bring DIRECTV to your home! Stop settling for cable, and all the dissatisfaction that is a trend in today’s technology run society!

Media Master can bring you DIRECTV’s 99% worry-free signal reliability, which is based on nationwide study of representative cities. DIRECTV encompasses an unbeatable TV experience you can depend on.

•   Potential profit share
•   No Upfront Installation Fee
•   One Dish Per Building Solution
•   Enhanced Curb Appeal (No Dish-On-Balcony)
•   One Point Of Contact For All Resident Requests And Needs
•   Promotional Specials & Offers Geared Toward Apartment/Condo Communities
•   Provide another amenity for your residents by providing a choice for their TV viewing
•   Large-Rollout Deployments (If Needed)

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Our One Dish Solution

Our One Dish Solution

Enhance your communities curb appeal by eliminating satellite dishes all over the property. We offer a one dish solution for all your apartments.

*Channel available in HD only. For full Mix Channel and Interactive functionality, HD equipment model H/HR 21 or later is required
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