Make the right first impression

Digital signage is an effective way to grab attention In high traffic areas and waiting rooms.

Digital Signage

Means different things to different people

Digital signage can mean a group of digital displays in a retail bank branch showing information about the banks products and services. Digital signage displayed in a large department store can be a strong marketing tool to display products in real time.

Build an amazing presentation on your PC and push it to unlimited remote screens. Discreet hardware makes it easy to hide the units behind a TV or a desk and full HD resolution gives your presentation that pzazz promotions

Why Video Walls

•   Tailor the right message to the right audience
•   Engage the audience
•   Lower print Ad costs / quicker turnaround
•   Advertising
•   Cross promote products and brand images
•   Interact with (potential) customers
•   Create an attractive atmosphere
•   Display whatever you want

Video Walls

•   Video Walls are catchy
•   Cost effective to own and maintain
•   Greater Screen area per unit
•   Fully customize layouts and tiling
•   Greater pixel density
•   Advertise to passerby and those up close simultaneously
•   Small Bezels
•   Flexible and adaptable